(This Is The End - Who Did This?) This scene puts me in tears every time i watch it XD


Today’s Classic: Joan of Arc

1. By John Everett Millais (1865)

2. By Paul Antoinede La Boulaye (1909)

3. By Eugene Thirion (1876)

4. By Hermann Anton Stilke (1843)

5. By Gaston Bussiere (1908)

6. By Adolphe-Alexandre Dillens (1852)

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i fucking hate having social anxiety. my neighbor is  the same age as me, likes the same things i do, and is an extreme gentle man, but i can’t ever speak properly whenever  hes trying to talk to me. fuck. 

Time Warp- The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975

I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show over a month ago, and since then this song has been stuck in my head. I couldn’t stop singing and dancing to this even if my life depended on it.